Bize Ulaşın

To look for solutions to the problems in every field of the sectors by bringing together the people and businessmen working in the construction or manufacturing of pumps and valves and serving to the pump and valve industry and to improve the collaboration in this direction,

To make a common attempt for developing the Turkish Pump and Valve Industry, increasing the quality and efficiency in production and adapting the competition in the foreign markets.

To improve the communication and the flow of information among the people working in the sectors, to inform the members about the technical novelties, to serve towards the progress of Turkish Pump and Valve Industry by promoting the research and development.

To represent Turkish Pump and Valve Industry, to give voice to the problems and possibilities in front of the national and international authorities, to take place in upper level organizations that are oriented to its scope and activities, to get a share for the development of Turkish Industry by cooperating with other or similar associations and institutions representing the other sectors.