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Our Association visited two technical centers with its members on 1st October 2014.
Among our members; represantitves from Layne Bowler ve Asteknik Valve companies participated to the visits.  
Centers visited during the trip: 

Deltares is an independent, institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Their main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. As an applied research institute, the success of Deltares can be measured in the extent to which their expert knowledge can be used in and for society. 

All contracts and projects, whether financed privately or from strategic research budgets, contribute to the consolidation of their knowledge base. Deltares employs over 800 people and is based in Delft and Utrecht.

During the visit, a general presentation about Deltares activities, presentation on pump and valve relates projects within Deltares and a demonstration on WANDA (software for pipeline system) were made. After the presentations participants visited facilities of Alpha Loop and Intake-Outfall Basin in Deltares. 

After visiting the facilities, a general discussion was held between Deltares officials and POMSAD group regarding possible cooperation in the future and afterwards group had lunch at Deltares.

TNO is a major player in a growing international network comprised of leading scientific institutes, companies with ambitious development profiles, universities and other partners in knowledge. 

TNO is an independent research organisation that employs some 3,000 specialists. They focus on transitions or changes in five social themes: Industry; Healthy Living; Defence, Safety & Security; Urbanisation and Energy. TNO is active in Brussels, Qatar and Caribbean.  

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.

Every four years, in close collaboration with their stakeholders, they draw up a strategic plan that describes how they will pursue our mission. In close coordination with the stakeholders TNO have defined five transitions on which they will focus. The transitions can be summarised as follows:

Industry: from economic stagnation to growth in high-technology industry
Healthy Living: from illness and treatment to health and behaviour
Defence, Safety & Security: from a wide range of threats to controllable risks
Urbanisation: from urbanisation bottlenecks to urban vitality
Energy: from conventional sources to sustainable energy systems. 

During the visit, a general presentation about TNO, presentation on Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics and a presentation on Pulsation and Vibration Control of Pumps were made. After presentations participants visited TNO Laboratory Leeghwaterstraat. 
After the presentations participants visited facilities of Alpha Loop and Intake-Outfall Basin in Deltares and afterwards groups discussed about possible cooperation in the future between two sides. 

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