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CEIR, EUROPUMP and PNEUROP Associations' annual meetings and joint conference was held in Brussels between 9-11 May 2022.  

While the committees, commissions, general secretaries, working groups and board meetings of the associations were held separately, the issue of “Sustainability and De-Carbonization” was discussed at the joint conference attended by all participants on May 10, 2022.

At the joint conference held on 10th May 2022, representing EUROPUMP, CEO of Someflu company Mr. Alexandere Lacour, representing CEIR, our president Mr. Nurdan Yücel, representing PNEUROP, Atlas Copco Sustainability Vice President Mr. Sofia Svingby, Head of unit DG Clima from the European Commission Mr. Tom Van Ierland and member of the European Parliament Mr. Maria da Graça Carvalho's were the speakers. After the joint conference, the participants came together in parallel technical sessions.

At the General Assembly of CEIR, which was established in 1959 and represents 11 countries 8 of which are EU members, through national associations and companies, POMSAD President Ms. Nurdan Yücel was elected as the new president of CEIR. Taking over the Presidency from her Spanish colleague for a period of two years, Ms. Yücel became the first female President in CEIR history. POMSAD has been a member of the association, which represents more than 300 companies, a turnover of 11 billion dollars and an employment of 50,000 people, since 2003 and has been representing our country on the Board of the association since 2005.

The General Assembly of EUROPUMP, which was established in 1960 and represents 16 countries 12 of which are EU members through national associations, was held on May 11, 2022. EUROPUMP represents more than 450 companies, a production value of more than 10 billion euros and an employment force of 100,000 people.

On the evening of May 10, at the Gala dinner where the representatives of all three associations came together, our Association's President, Ms. Nurdan Yücel took over the Presidential bell from Spanish Carloz Velazquez for a period of two years.

During the annual meetings, POMSAD Delegation consisting of; our Association's President Ms. Nurdan Yücel, our Vice President Mr. Ercan Çelebi, DEİK Turkey – United Kingdom Business Council Executive Board Member Mr. Abdullah Anıl Altunkaya and our Secretary General Mr. Gökhan Sezer visited European Parliament SPD Deputy Mr. İsmail Ertuğ.

POMSAD has been a member of EUROPUMP since 2001 and CEIR since 2003, and has previously held the position of Presidency of these two associations once, and hosted the EUROPUMP  CEIR Annual Meetings and General Assemblies three and two times in our country. 


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